2015 ‘Old sow between trees’

June 25, 2015

‘Ou sog tussen bome’ ‘Old sow between trees’ ‘Gamla Suggan mellan trade’ as part of the Barriers annual exhibition, Wanas Konst Knislinge, Sweden, 2015

Medium:             wood, metal, oil

Scale:                    7m high X 5m wide X 10m deep

The wild boar further explores issues related to ecology and sustainability. Coetzee was drawn to this adaptable animal, now returned to Sweden after an absence for centuries, for the way way it arouses and sparks debate. Asking how it can coexist with other species. A workshop compliment and contextualize it.

Watch a Film of the process by Reney Warrington:

3 minutes short

15 minute documentary


Press extracts:

Wanås Barriärer samtida Sydafrika

“Barriers – Contemporary Africa”

Appears on Wanås, Knislinge to 1/11

When in Wanås in the summer, choose to focus on artists from South Africa today harbors the midst of an increasingly explicit and exciting art scene. It says art critic Carolina Söderholm, who see a broad exhibition that creates both the feeling of wholeness and tastes.

If Sibandes contribution is stumbling near the kitsch, Hannelie Coetzee’s work is the opposite. Between trees her portrayal of a wild boar grows out of the site’s own material. Logs are carefully stacked into a snout and peering eyes. Viewing it from the back sprawling branches and sticks seems to stop the sow in violent momentum stuck between the trees.

This is a massive and powerful work. Coetzee has started from stories around the animal, which has come to symbolize the wild, dangerous and unpredictable in the Swedish forest. But in reality there are few incidents reported where people are injured by wild boar. Behind her unpolished exterior the “Old Sow between the trees” parallels to other, perhaps equally exaggerated, fears for the threatening and unknown.


Sevärt och tänkvärt på Wanås

Published 18/5 09:13

Sights and memorable at Wanås

Britte Montigny


At Wanås Konst this season you can find visible in figurative, narrative works that reflect the (South) African history of wars, conflicts and suffering, religious ideologies, fairy tales and myths. The latter also Nordic and Greek. In the park, where the artist Hannelie Coetzee rediscovered childhood dreamed fairytale forest, she created a huge boar sow from tree trunks, branches and twigs wedged between some trees and adjacent to the cow shed is Nandipha Mntambos bronze bust Sengifikile on a stone plinth. A woman with a bull’s head, a female Minotaur – the Minotaur myth depicted from a gender perspective …



På andra sidan barriären

Text: Linda Fager

Hannelie Coetzee’s giant installation “Old Sow between the trees” says more about Knislinge than Cape Town, because it is linked to the abundance of wild boar in Eastern Göinge-forests. The design is both humorous and suggestive, and is based on the eye’s ability to merge spots or points to a three-dimensional image – a method Coetzee previously used to build the human portrait of mining core.




Grym sydafrikansk konst intar Wanås slottsskog

Publicerad 2015-05-15 10:47

Fantastic  South African art occupies Wanås castle forest

The Sculpture Park at Wanås castles is becoming more impressive. This year it is filled in with the works of South African artists, including grunts a wild boar giant. The exhibition is one of many right now with African art

A wild boar head in the middle of the forest, a giant anorakhuva in rolling aluminum, a human body covered by a veil of black diabase. There are some of this year’s sculpture news Wanås art close Knislinge few miles north of Kristianstad. Combined art and nature experience Wanås is definitely competing, after almost thirty years of activity, in the same category as the Danish Louisiana across the strait..

The invited artists have stayed for longer or shorter periods at Wanås during the creation process. Some have had special requests on the location and also been able to choose the location. Truly imbibed the atmosphere and got her own relationship to the nature of Skåne is Hannelie Coetzee, whose “Old sow between the trees” now seems to grunt in a thicket.

With the help of hundreds of branches / logs / sticks Coetzee has built a snout between two trees. It took three weeks. Prior to that, she devoted time to the research of both wild boar behaviour  and tree species characteristics. Probably this year’s audience favourite.



Written by Sophie Hindmarsh, 25th May 2015

When I go there in the woods, which right now in May, so unutterably beautiful with the delicate greenery and sun searching down through the foliage, so I feel that this sculpture park – one of the world’s top 10 (which actually is in Knislinge) , right in our neighborhood – is little short of a miracle. Suddenly it feels like you are right in the center of the world. Not unlike the idea Marika Wachtmeister had when she started almost 30 years ago – to Wanås should be like Central Park, NY, firm in Knislinge.

The newspapers have been full of very positive reviews the last few days of this year’s exhibition, read eg in Kristianstadsbladet May 21 . Start by going into the art gallery and kneel on the red carpet and listening to the murmur of voices which consist of songs, prayers and reciteringar of 40 different religious communities in Malmö.(James Webb)

See Mary Sibandes woman in purple plunging down the slope in the woods in the purple dress, go ahead and meet Hannele Coetzees “Old sow between the trees” which might tell of the fear of the unknown and therefore threatening while Igshaan Adams stone sculpture talk more about the barrier as something safe when he hiding under a veil of stone. I’m thinking again of the importance of barriers – Protection or wall? What we are building around us? How do we close ourselves into what we think is the right world and how fast are we to judge others? Or believe that foreign means the same thing as dangerous?

When I sit there on a blanket with a glass of rose in hand and the world’s best picnic, which today consists of crispbread, Swedish strawberries, cheeses from Vilhelmsdal, couscous salad with feta cheese (yes yes a bit in 2002 but there are plenty) goat’s fromage blanc , I feel deeply grateful that there are artists who are working to get me and all of us to think.




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2015 ‘Old sow between trees’ 2015 ‘Old sow between trees’ 2015 ‘Old sow between trees’ 2015 ‘Old sow between trees’ 2015 ‘Old sow between trees’ 2015 ‘Old sow between trees’ 2015 ‘Old sow between trees’ 2015 ‘Old sow between trees’ 2015 ‘Old sow between trees’