Bio February 2017

Hannelie Coetzee uses natural materials, unlikely partnerships and industry waste to build site specific artworks.  Her artworks are sometimes permanent, but often ephemeral. Research into the material and the scientific purpose of extracting the material is fundamental to her process. Coetzee’s work in sculpture and photography centres on the use of these art forms to emotionally engage partners where she sources the materials, audiences, participants and the broader public with place, and as a means to draw audiences to nature and see nature in a new empathetic realm. Coetzee’s work specifically aims to integrate science and art to inspire empathy for and engagement with nature.

Hannelie Coetzee (b1971) is a Johannesburg-based visual artist. Coetzee believes her ‘open source’ practice grows an audience that appreciates art whilst contributing to environmental awareness. She received BTech degree in social documentary photography from the Vaal University for Technology (1990 – 1994). She followed it up with an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts (Cum Laude) at The University of the Witwatersrand whilst working in the Wits Fine Arts Department (1996 – 1997). She studied Social Entrepreneurship at the Gordon Institute for Business Science (GIBS) on A Rand Merchant Bank Grant in 2013. Coetzee applies this knowledge regarding social systems change and sustainability to all future projects and assignments.

2017 CV with list of exhibitions

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Artworks from 2010 – 2014 here. Including an essay by Dilip Menon. Indian Studies Chair WITS.