‘Tant Koek’ 2015 Pretoria CBD

March 26, 2015

Site: Helen Joseph street, cnr. Sisulu, Pretoria CBD
Type: Urban Artwork
Medium: Porcelain and glass tile mosaic
Size: 2m wide X 3 meter high

My paternal great aunt ‘Tant Koek’ as we knew her never married. She said she lost her love in the war. She came to visit at least once a year. Then this austere aunt would bring little gifts and just love us. The highlight of the visit would be when she played the piano and transformed entirely into a jovial state. She was the aunt who showed me a different perspective to my conservative upbringing. In this artwork she gazes into the distance without judgment.


A City property Comission

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‘Tant Koek’ 2015 Pretoria CBD ‘Tant Koek’ 2015 Pretoria CBD ‘Tant Koek’ 2015 Pretoria CBD