Sculptural artworks for the Four Seasons: Westcliff.

Medium: Geologists mining core and cement

Size: 1000(h)mmX1100(d)mmX830(w)mm and 1300(h)mmX1100(d)mmX830(w)mm

Weight: Approx  1 ton and 1.3 tonnes.

The two portraits represent an older and younger generation and deals with the two bumping heads. The portrait of the elder is set back and is more abstract as the older generation needs to step back in a sense, as the younger generation needs to step forward (although the knowledge and experience of the older generation is well-respected.)

The sculptures are made out of mining core from gold, platinum and coal mines which reflect on our mining history. The heads are standing on the ridge where the randlords built their houses. The deep origin of the stone reminds us of the damage it has done to the environment. This is one of the challenges the younger generation inherits from the old guard.



Medium: Gravured marble

Size: 1000mm X 1000mm X 60mm

Weight: Approx 120 kg

The image is a composite of various 4D scans of foetuses. The title of the work refers to a new trend, specifically women, to not have children. This decision is frowned upon by society. I feel that people who decide to not have children could have a different, perhaps interesting take on life as they will spend their energy on other relationships, careers, etc.

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2014 Words Based Exhibition, MAP Richmond
2015 Tant Koek

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