2017 Klipkoppe 2 (Warrington-Coetzee)

On loan at Tokara Wine Farm outside Stellenbosch

Klipkoppe 2 (Warrington-Coetzee) is a family portrait of Hannelie and her wife Reney Warrington. It is part of the 2017 Sculpture on the Cliffs exhibition, EchoLocation, curated by Lien Botha.

Reney’s grandparents told them that five generations ago, two Warrington brothers from America were aboard a ship heading to or from Cape Town. The direction is unclear. They fell ill and were let off the boat, which proceeded to sink a few days later. The Warringtons were founding members of the Hermanus community. Warrington Place still stands near the Village square. This artwork on this exhibition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Warrington-Coetzee’s.

2016 Glinsterjuffertjie
2017 Locust and Grasshopper

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