2023 Pikkewyne

Curated by Melvyn Minnaar

Artwork for Hermanus Sculpture on the Cliffs, 2023

Title: Penguins Bowing, 2023
Series: Queer inquiries in non-humans
Medium: Found metal and stone
Size: 1m high X 2m wide X 0.5m deep

For the first time I feel most welcome in the world, mulling over actual queer creatures in eco-queer theory. The study describes non-symbolic same-sex and other queer mammal and bird behaviour. Found families, as I like to call non-human kin. Mutualistically, queer ecology reads the queerness of nature and the nature of queerness (Griffiths, 2015).

Queer ecologies disprove the ‘naturalness’ of human heterosexualities. Zoomorphismic observations of more than three hundred homosexual, bisexual and transgendered animals have been scientifically described over the past two centuries (Bagemihl, 1999). Zoomorphism is contrary to anthropomorphism (viewing animal behaviour in human terms) in that it aims to view animal behaviour on its own terms.

I am in the process of selecting creatures from this study, currently the giraffe, hyena, various antelope, primates, bats, ostriches and penguins. I am building a body of work celebrating our mutual bowing, pair bonding, passionate embraces, dances, courting, mating, kisses in mid-air, and how they co-habit and live sustainably.

2023 Kwa Mai-Mai WildWall
2023 Lesser spotted Cape Creature

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