Hannelie takes groups of  people on walkabouts to view her work and research processes in and around Johannesburg, South Africa

If you want to go on one of these walkabouts please email her on hannelie@hanneliecoetzee.com for bookings and more information.

Note on walking with the artist

In my practice as a public visual artist I aim to find ways to improve our relation to nature. It’s a twofold approach. First I take time to make artworks in public spaces to explore the site and listen to the community that pause to see what I am doing. This initial information gathering phase creates a neutral platform where curious community members can engage. It could lead to their involvement in the later phases of the project. This is when the second phase starts. Once I have identified some kind of environmental congestion or misperception I find professional partners such as scientists, urban planners, environmentalists and suitable financial means to draw attention to these perceptions. Re-generative design principals are applied holistically to make multi-functional public art.

Functional artworks benefits society at large whilst simultaneously connecting disciplines which have been working independently. The business model encourages social entrepreneurial partnerships as seen in natural eco-systems.