2014 Gill Marcus portrait

for Cool Capital

Guerilla interventions in Pretoria August – November 2014

The Gill Marcus portrait is a work that I put up for spinsters. The childless woman might look differently at life as a woman with children and society benefit from their contribution. Marcus in November 2014 resigned as Governor of the South African Reserve Bank. The 150mmX180mm work is directly across from the bank’s entrance.


By installing artwork in public space I have authentic conversations with people in the area. By listening to what is going on around me, I try to draw a wider audience and thus move further than the work itself. For example, Sunday who works at the hairdresser there, sent me a picture the day after the installation via WhatsApp, to show how many people are coming to look at it . The communities where I install works share the truth of what is going on in our country at that time.


The more such interventions I do the more I feel connected to my country. I asked Sunday if pedestrians don’t become irritated with them calling out to get their hair cut. He said if he called out a 100 times a day and four new clients come cut their hair he has four more new clients whom next time he will not have to call. Listen to it as you go to see the artwork.

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