Yatoo International Artist Residency

South Korea

Artists Statement Yatoo Residency. 29 September 2014

Interaction with the natural world is part of human nature. Humans have been hard on the natural world but not so hard on ourselves who caused it. We have disturbed the eco-systems. We can reverse this disturbance if we change our approach towards the natural world, if we learn to design ‘cradle to cradle’ technologies. Such regeneration looks at how nature has done it and innovates considerately.

From the Yatoo Artists House I work in the forest receptively. I always work in monochrome on large scale and thought this is the ideal place to work in miniature. I found juicy magenta wild berries. I sprayed dotted stencilled portraits of the elders from Wongol, my town for this month. The images were fixed with egg white and I added milk because I heard the elders postures are so distorted from hard work planting rice and a lack of calcium in their diet. Not speaking any Korean, I found this process attracted a delightful dialogue of gesture from the Wongol people. I felt absorbed in a foreign place. I am learning to listen to the relation between things.

Spinning leaf film

‘Forest Attack’ 2014

Wild Berry video

‘How to make wild berry ink’ 2014

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