2018 Hyenas walking the Intercontinental Watershed

Sculptures and Animation
Watershed Program, Origins Museum, Wits University

Hannelie Coetzee continuous her exploration of the fragile relationship between humans and nature in presenting the Hyena sculptures from the Synanthrope Series II (2018) in the Origins Museum Gallery The Hyenas are taken on a stop frame watershed walk on Wits Campus on the intercontinental watershed that runs through Johannesburg.

A synanthrope refers to an animal or plant that lives near and benefits from an association with humans and the artificial habitats that humans create around them – like an urban environment. Coetzee urges viewers to consider their own impact on nature and to rethink how mankind will live with limited natural resources well into the future. Made from reclaimed materials, her artworks become a vehicle outside and inside the exhibition space to expand this conversation about what’s beneath the urban landscape and the incorporation of integrity back into natural resources, highlighting the ever-present link between human, nature and land. Surprisingly, Hyenas frequent green corridors in urban sprawl areas. Read more here

2018 Hyenas walking the Intercontinental Watershed

Animation by Henk Coetzee

2018 Nzunza/Ndundza Portrait, Braamfontein
2018 Synanthrope Series ll

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