2021 The Clan

Artist Hannelie Coetzee
Title The Clan (2021)
Medium Upcycled wood, metal, glue, and screws

The Clan is a group of four hyena sculptures constructed out of found wood and metal pieces and set in the typical spotted hyena (Crocuta Crocuta) clan grouping led by females. The cub stands confidently in front facing the future.

This grouping welcomes visitors in the foyer of the newly renovated Sage Building in Menlyn Main, Pretoria. The pieces, fits in perfectly with the renovation motto of the building where upcycled materials such as the rubber wood salvaged from old rubber tree plantations were repurposed in the ceilings.

Coetzee urges viewers to consider their own impact on nature and to rethink how humanity will live with new diverse types of leadership such as the hyena’s clan approach, but also going into the future with limited natural resources. Made from reclaimed materials, she incorporates the integrity of limited natural resources, highlighting the ever-present link between human, nature, and land.

2021 Merkmaak
2021 Everard Read Gallery

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